Face off! or face it.

words of the day:
Are we to paint what's on the face, what's inside the face, or what's behind it? ~Pablo Picasso~

Talking about faces, there's this old joke that I heard " How can you face your problem if your problem is your face?" Smart huh! Anyway, I wonder how transparent I am with people. I mean I try hard to hide some emotions at times. But I am learning to express them now. I guess even if I don't really talk my feelings aloud, they can be seen on my face. Even if I hide them. J calls me faces because I make a lot of faces. I think I make faces to express what I feel too. I make sour and long faces when I didn't like something or when I am upset. But even if we didn't want to show the emotions , they seem to find thier way into the facial muscles. Some people can hide thier emotions better than others. Others can even project a complete opposite of what they really feel on thier face. If a person is really happy and contented within it seems to glow in one's face and of course can be seen through the person's gestures and words. Confidence is also shown in one's face, it almost like an aura that each person emits from within. I am not very good at projecting an image I want of myself towards other people but I am learning. Trying different faces, different gestures. Of course a smile on the face almost always works. And yes a lot of people that have that natural charisma on their face. I mean if you noticed how you feel towards people, there are people that you seem to feel negative vibrations even if you don't even know the person. A negative aura, something about the person which you don't find compatible with. And you might ask "Is it his or her look?, Is it his or her hair?" Sometimes it could be physical, but sometimes it is just in a cosmic way and you can't pinpoint it.

Well, anyway, am sure we all see and encounter many faces in all walks of life. We also different have faces of life, dark face, long face, sour face, moon face, angel face, baby face. Oh, faces! Face is all we have. I think a world without faces wouldn't be pretty.


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