Some of the reasons I love spring. Blossoms and blossoms everywhere.

Bright colors emerges and brightens everyone's day.

The sun seems smiling all the time.

Life seems brighter, lighter and milder. And everywhere you look is very beautiful and colorful.

(The above photos were taken last year in Macon, Georgia. Every year they celebrate Cherry Blossom Festival when the Cherry Trees are in full bloom. The Yoshino Cherry Trees originated from Japan and was given to the US as a gesture of friendship and celebration of the explosion of Spring in 1912. Cherry Blossom Festival are celebrated each year both by Washington D.C. and Macon, Georgia. The festival originated from Japan called "Cherry Blossom Viewing" where each year the Japanese people awaits the blossoming of the trees, upon the blossoming, families gather underneath the Cherry trees in joyful celebration for family pinics picnics, cultural activities. The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington an annual celebration of welcoming Spring. In Macon, Cherry Blossom Festival started when Bill Fickling, a long time Macon resident donated Yoshino Cherry Trees when the city launched the "Keep America Beautiful" program. Some of the activities during ten days celebration in Macon are; blossom tours, parades, wearing of pink and white, pink ribbons everywhere, hot air balloon rides, arts and crafts, bands and lots of Southern hospitality. More information are listed in their official websites for the activities for 2006 festivals which starts March 17-26 in Macon, Georgia. And March 25-April 4 in washington D.C.)


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