And So It Goes....

Life is a series of lessons after lessons that we have to eventually learn. Sometimes we don't heed the first second or third and so forth but life has it's way of teaching us many lessons. I would say the most challenging is knowing how to live a balanced life. A sense of balance in everything really is the key. One reason why I have decided to take a break from blogging is that I love blogging too much that I spent most of my time doing it and procrastinate on other aspects of my life. I thought that maybe I should give myself a break and maybe by then would have more things to talk about when I come back. It's prioritizing my time so I can do other things that I have posponed for a long time. As they sa "You're future depends on what you're doing NOW." I mean, not literally of course, but your future depends on where you devote your time and effort. And if you want to be good at something, or if you want to acoomplish something you just have to focus all your energy to it and you shall achieve. It's always so easy to talk about it, easier said than done. Of course willpower and determination too helps a lot. So, that's what I have been trying to do. To refocus my energy, my effort towards some other stuff that I have pushed aside. I am terrible at procrastinating, but blogging seems to be so easy and fun, that's probably I would do it more often than the harder stuff to do. So, if you don't see my updates, I am trying to do things in real life, aside from my virtual/ blog life.

These past years I can say that I have learned so much. Part of getting old and of course lots of experiences. I am learning more and more about handling relationship. We learn everyday, as we deal with our spouses. It has really been wonderful to share life with someone, the good, the bad and all things that come with it. Handling a relationship takes time and effort to learn. It's a continious give and take, and make sure you just don't take and take. One that I have learned is that to nurture that relationship, one has to be unselfish, and one very trick is to wake up everyday and think what you can do for the other person. What can I do to make him or her happy. Even the very small things can make the other person feel loved and cared. It's not just saying to them how much you love them but also show it in your actions. Of course, hugs and kisses are always a bonding glue that brings you close to people you love especailly your spouse. This is something that I will always be a part of my life that I want to keep working on, since it is a journey. Make the journey more enjoyable by sharing it with someone.

Practice - practice always makes perfect in anything you want to achieve. It takes practiceto get you there. And one thing that I want to keep practicing is positive view with life. It takes practice to be able to live a positive life. What one practices would become a habit and a habit can become a way of life. To keep practicing positive thoughts takes time and conscious effort. It is so easy to be pessimistic . To think that nothings seems to be going right when things aren't going as we plan it to be or as we thought it would be. But keeping a positive attitude would actually turn a not so good outcome into a learning experience and maybe with determination start over again until you gain a satisfying result.

Time - is managaing time and effort, distributing it accordingly. It is so easy to just do the things we love to do and procrastinate in things that we are not so fond of. But some of the things we have to do are really important, even if we are not that fond about doing it because it is hard. But it's in doing the harder stuff in life that we discover our potentials. It's life' s tests really. Set time to make something happen.

Planning - Life would always be a series of planning and replanning. Even if another kind of life happens when you are busy planning. But it's better to keep creating a road map on how you want to get to where you are going is always better rather just going with the flow, without a map. Knowing where you want to get and where you want to go is the question in the fisrt place. Because even if you keep going and you don't know where you want to go, how would you know when you have reached that......whatever it is your destination is, a level of success, a level of accomplishment, a certain level of maturity, a degree of contentment, or a certain stage in life you want to reach. Setting up goals is important.

These are some of the things that I want to incorporate in my daily life, plus some other things like:

Waking up everyday and to make it a purpose to just keep going, improving - to think of each day as another chance to better myself. Keep going is the key - there will be some days that are great, some will be not so great, some would be just okey and some will just be so bad, which would come in various levels of bad, terrible to worst. But, as long as we keep going, we'll be alright.

Another thing is to try to meet more people. Meet and make more friends in the vitual world as well as face to face encounters.

To be more productive in everything I do. Atleast most of what I do. And to do my very best in whatever I do.

To continually work on keeping myself healthy through exercise, more fruits and vegetables, more healthy drinks, less coffee, less sodium ( I don't know if I am the only one who is into salt. I probably like more salt on my food that most people, even on strawberries.)

To be able to do more things in actual life compared to what I think and imagine my life in my head. (You know how you can talk a lot of things in your blog and yet nothing seems to be going on in real life, I mean, is it all in my head? Well, I do feel like that sometimes. That can't be so bad, afterall, our lives would mold into what and how we envision it, or atleast it is as how we envision it.)


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