When I recall my younger days when I was so naive, inocent about a lot of things in life. Well, I still am in a lot of ways. The younger days of my life full of dreams. I used to dream of a perfect love, a perfect partner. It's looking forward to a future. How did you envision your future ten years ago?

Ah, love, such a great thing that lots of people do anything to posses the real thing. To posses, to acquire, to have it, feel it. I have seen and heard of a lot of people that would do a lot of things in the name of love. It is a powerful thing, powerful that it can also devastate people. There's so many faces of love, so many degrees of love. Degrees and it may be in celsius or in fahrenheit. Depends where it boils down to.

I have my own experiences of puppy love, of infatuations, of love unreciprocated. Puppy loves do die after a short period of time. Infatuations do too. Remember the times when you have crushes, I think those days were just silly. But it's part of growing up. It could be fun too. I mean, from time to time it still happens but as an adult I find that I am more reasonable compared to when I was just a teenager. I understand that crushes do happen and it is a normal thing that happens to people. It's just what people do with those emotions that matters. Emotions can be just a short term only. Real love lasts as long as it lasts.

Love is such a wonderful thing, it does makes one feel like they are walking in air or floating on cloud 9. Now talking about cloud 9, that was my favorite chocolate bar back home. Whoever put that name there on chocolate bar is very clever. I suppose that's where they got the expression "walking on cloud 9". Being in love does give one that euphoric feeling, a "high" feeling of weightlessness like walking on clouds, like walking in outer space. That's what I'm talking about. It makes one do a lot of wonderful things, silly things, some embarrassing things. Do you remember what you have done during this state of euphoria? I bet lots of things that you don't normally do when you are in the normal "sane" state of mind. If it is indeed insanity to fall in love. Well,some people literally go insane when this so called "love" is not reciprocated? Wouldn't you go bananas? Ah, but love is the sweetest thing when both people feel the same way with each other.

Just like one of John Lennon's songs.......All we need is love. Indeed, all we need is love. Love changes the world. Did you notice that when you are in love, the air smells sweet. The days seems brighter, even if it's raining. All of a sudden the world around you seems beautiful. You hear love songs, you sing love songs. All of a sudden you become a poet. All of a sudden you can write love letters. All of a sudden you can dance. All of a sudden there's smile in your face. People notice you are glowing. Yes, there's a different glow when someone's in love. Not only the person in love seems to be glowing but everything he/she sees and touches like he/she has this magic wand, well like the King Maida's touch, only things don't turn gold but love is gold and is even better that any treasure on earth.

Wouldn't you all agree that all we need is love? To love and to be loved?


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