Sorry Mickee, it took me a long time to do your tag.

4 movies i could watch over and over --> It varies, and it changes depending what mood I have. I normally can't watch a movie over and over again, unless I really really love it. Can't think of a movie that I can watch over and over again at this moment.

4 places i've lived --> Kowloon,Hong Kong,Metairie, New Orleans, Macon Georgia, Lawrenceville,Georgia

4 tv shows i love to watch --> CSI, Sienfeld, Law and Order, Monk

4 places i've been on vacation--> Philippines - Baguio, Ifugao, Quezon Province, Isabela

4 websites i visit daily --> yahoo mail, blogspot, hotmail, friendster

4 of my favorite foods --> Pinakbet, pancit, Vietnamese Pho soup, Dinuguan

4 places i'd rather be right now -->Philippines, Europe, Carribbean, Egypt


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