YOUNG ONCE( upon a time)

Would you rather be young and reckless or old and wise?

I can say that I still consider myself young but not that reckless, maybe sometimes. More of carefree maybe. I am getting old and is learning a lot. Old age does come with wisdom only if we are able to learn from our experiences. I still have a lot of things and still many journeys to take. There's still a lot of learning experiences to involve myself. There is still a long way for me to go. There's still miles and miles for me to walk. There's still a an oceanful of expieriences and explorations I still have to conquer. I still have innumerable mountain peaks to climb. There's still imeasurable heights and horizons for me to reach. There's still so much for me out there to see and feel and experience. So, yes, I haven't drank enough water to call myself wise. I will always be a student in this university of life, taking quizzes, taking tests. Sometimes I fail, sometimes, I succeed. But it is in the failing sometimes that I learn the most lessons.


Going to the doctor isn't really one of my favorite things to do, especially to the gynecologist. I would think a lot of women doesn't like going to the gynecologist either. It's not really a very comfortable experience. But it is necessary for every women to be tested in the most private parts to make sure they are healthy.

I was watching a show at Paula Zahn one evening and she was talking about a certain male gynecologist who is a pervert. Now how would you feel if your doctor asks you inappropriate questions while he is touching you down there? A lot of the women who actually went to this doctor felt violated.

At Oprah's show, they were talking about necessary tests woman should have like pop smear especially for the sexually active. And women who are in their 50's should atleast have a colonoscopy test. Older people are vulnerable of colon cancer, especially when they don't take in enough fiber in their diet. I found the show very informative.

I have to admit that I often postpone or refuse to see a doctor because I don't feel anything wrong. Well, a lot of things going on in the body may not necessarily show any symptoms. As they say, some illnesses creep up slowly and quietly that we don't even know we have them until too late. I also sometimes wouldn't like to know if I have any disease at all. Which I think most people wouldn't want to know. But it's in knowing that we are able to prevent and cure what illness we have.


Old age is a disease, according to a doctor in one of the CSI shows. That's really something. Old age cannot be treated, it can be slowed down, but it's not something that cannot be treated. Some of it can be prevented but I have never thought it to be cured. It it a natural life cycle, others can live younger physically for a longer time, but time would eventually catch up. The only people that I know that never grew old are those people that died young.

And then there's the urine therapy. That's right, people drink their own urine. There's actually some scientific explanation to this according to this site. I can't see myself drinking my own urine. I don't know if there are people who really does this. Would you even consider this kind of therapy, to drink your own urine just so to stay young or to cure cancer?


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