Has it been a month already? My goodness, time flies so swift when you are having fun.Lots of fun.Anyways, am back to my old haven on the other side of the world after a month of dillydallying on the other side of the globe. I stayed for three days in Hongkong.Experienced real dimsum and real chinese cuisine, mingled with Cantonese people. Walked the alley-alley,the night markets,ladies' markets and strolled the harbor joining the central and Tsim Sha Tsui. Rode the Star Ferry, joined the Filipino crowds at the World Wide Center at Central.

I promised myself to visit Baguio, and I did, eventhough it was very short, I kinda experienced the life in the city of Pines. I walked, well, if you are in the Philippines,expect a lot of walking and hiking. I walked and dillydallied at Session Road, strolled by Burnham park, used their internet cafe along next to 456 Department Store. And of course went to the Baguio Mall. It has a panoramic view from Burnham Park.

My trip concluded with me joining three of my friends to the "Pahiyas" in Lucban, Quezon province.It was a whole new exciting experience. Got to see coconut plantations along the long and winding roads packed with motorists and tourists making their way to where the festivities are. It was grualling hot summer day and we had to walk most of the time because the tricycles can't squease in, it was jammed with vehicles. There's so much details to mention, mostly my complaint was about the heat.

I am almost back to my normal sleeping habits now.At first I couldn't sleep at night and sleeps at day time. Terribale case of jetlag.

I really am pissed that the photos taken at my hometown wasn't saved in the cd that I gave that lady at the internet cafe. She probably didn't finnished burning it all. Oh, well, there's next time. An excuse for me to plan another trip in the future.


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