The Race Between my Feet and my Heart

More and more I can feel the positive effect of exercise. I had been running for weeks now, except when I have work and can't make it. I can feel the strength being build up. I get more energetic and more positive. It's nothing like a drenching strenous run. I like when I get drenched with sweat. It feels great. It's just annoying when there are suckers buzzing on my ears when I run. More so when I forget to spray the bare flesh of my limbs. They would feast on them like a big hunk of meat.

I used to think that as long as I keep active like doing home chores would be enough as exercise. I would literally run the vacuum cleaner back and forth and all around the house and think I was really exercising. J keep saying, "You got to raise your heartbeat" and I would just dismiss him with a "whatever" shrug or look. But as I start to add weight to the former skinny body (well not really skinny), I started to worry. I wouldn't like to look like a there are big hunk of fat hanging on my belly and on my arms. It just horrifies me to think I would look like that after years of being among the professional bums. But yeah, it scares me to add inches and then pounds to any part of my body. Can you believe that the feet grows too! Gosh! I use to be able to wear size 6 now, I can't fit my ginger looking feet on size 6 foot wear. At first I thought it must have something to do with the weather being hot. So, my feet could have expanded. But that's bull because just can't wear that size anymore.

I started out by walking but it seems walking does not do much. So I figure the fastest way to have results would be to run. Heart rate increase will be achieved in a shorter time and I could lose more by running. I started with a few laps, I got lost of breath so quick during the first few tries. My chest seem to constrict and got tired that quick, but as the days go by I did more and more laps and I was building resistance. After doing for weeks, I can run that long and would still have the energy. One thing I always make sure is never to exercise with an empty stomach. I always eat something before doing strenous exercise. I would sometimes make fruits smoothies which are always great slurps that would pump in the needed fluid. Smoothies are great source of quick energy.

If you haven't found the joy of exercising, perhaps you should try. I have never exercised like this in my entire life. I feel great, I really do. Huh, I'm starting to sound like one of those commercials selling those buffing machines. Well, I'm no muscle woman, but I like my muscles tight and well-shaped which I have yet to achieve.


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