The Road Most Travelled

We hit the long and winding roads. It's tiring really. I love the view of the whole blankets of Asian vines (Japanese vines) called kudzu. It's all over the trees like sheets of blanket taking the shapes of the trees. They just grow wild all over the place in spring and summer. Of course we watched the humungus crowd of cars racing home after the holiday. We would run into some maniac drivers waving in zigzags from lane to lane. It's scary out in the roads. People could go on a roadkill. Got to be careful out there.

We went hunting for some Asian stores until we came to this International farmer's Market. I love the place. I love the diversity, not only the people but also the food. We must have seen nearly a hundred kinds of vegetables there. I was amazed how they could travel them across the country. Wherever they might have come from. I'm sure a lot are imported. The only place we had a problem because the sales people seem not to undesrtand and speak english very well. It took us a few attempts to explain that we wanted to get some live crawfish. That's of course a seafood I discovered in Louisiana.We got some big clams and two pieces of tilapia fillets. There are actually some tanks of live fish on the side. Now, that's fresh!
Now, for dinner I made clam soup with julliened carrots, green onions, red chilli pepper flakes, mushrooms,and tomatoes. Fried tilapia seasoned with red chilli peppers, garlic, ginger powder, onion, salt and peppers. And the water spinach sauted in garlic. Yummy!

I should not forget about LITTLE FIVE POINTS. There's the diversity in this place not only the people and students, but what appeals to me is the art. There's this a hippie like atmosphere. We went to JUNKMAN'S DAUGHTER. You can find a lot of cool, weird,funky and odd knick knacks there. Of course there's the JUNKMAN'S DAUGHTER'S BROTHER in Athens.
We've been there too. I find thses places interesting. Very artistic people. You'll see people with a lot of body piercing, colorful hair, people wearing black and all tatooed men and women.


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