In reference to my previous discussion on love, it's a wonder what happens to people when they fall in love. I, myself have experienced being in love in my lifetime and I would say it is the greatest feeling. There's this intense euphoria, like they say like walking in clouds, but also makes one go nuts, sometimes. So, here's a study that was conducted to find out what happens to people's brain when they fallin love.

According to this study conducted in UCLA, men and women reacts to pain in different manners.

Dr Bruce Naliboff, clinical professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences, at UCLA, added: "The reason for the two different brain responses may date back to primitive days, when the roles of men and women were more distinct."

He suggested the gender differences may have evolved as part of a more general difference in stress responses between men and women.

Men's cognitive areas may be more highly triggered because they would have had to make "fight-or-flight" decisions, while women would have reacted to threats by thinking about how they could protect their children.

As a health concious person, I have always been looking for ways to stay healthy. Always looking for foods that gives the optimum health benefits. And here's a list of some of the super foods.

I recently just started eating cereal, not that I have never had them for breakfast before. But recently I tried to have it on a regular basis. I alternately have it with oatmeal.

Other things I have incorporated in my diet are; spinach, as a susbtitute for lettuce. But the key thing as they say is variety. Plenty of vegetables and fruits. I am always on the look out for ways and means to cook healthy and and eating healthier.

I have also tried using coconut oil, for a an affordable price. I have bought a plastic tub of Lou Anna cocnut oil at Walmart and it lasted me a whole month. I also use olive oil, and there's this combination of healthier oils called "Smart Balance" which is a combination of canola and olive oil. There's also a "Smart Balance" butter with flax oil. Smart Balance has other products too like mayonaise, which I want to try next time.

I am always craving for something fresh, so I grow my own herbs which I use for cooking. I have plenty of basil right now. It seems growing wild since the old basil plant have produced seeds which are literally sown all over the place. So far, I have plenty of harvest from my tomato plant which I have used to make salsa dip, together with my parsley that have weathered the winter and is still alive, though with fewer leaves since I cut the flowers. I have also enjoyed my green onions, I cut up from the stem and then uses it for cooking. In just a few days there's a new bud coming out from where I cut it from. Okra is bearing lots of fruits, I have used some of them for making Pinakbet.


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