Of love and stench

You know how they say that love is blind. I think that it's the people that gets blind sometimes. There's so many faces of love that sometimes people mistake them for real love.
I was talking with a friend of mine and we were talking about how some women become so dumb when it comes to love that they don't see what the person they think they love is doing to them. I mean women who are intelligent individuals but when it comes to matters of the heart they seem to loose their minds. Well, the first person that came to mind once we started this conversation was Kris Aquino. It only tells that not only ordinary people faces the dilemna of so called "love" but also even famous people, afterall they are made up of same material that makes up all humans.

I have heard some women who have been cheated on over and over again but they keep staying with same guy who hurt them. Some women who are battered still stays with the person who keep hurting them. Well, I used to work with a very sweet girl named Sharon who just got kicked out of her mom's place, just because she doesn't want to split with her boyfriend. She moved in to her mom's place after her divorce with her husband. She has two kids who, I'm sure suffers some of the consequences of their mother's poor choices. She works all day and her boyfriend just hangs out, sometimes he comes over to get some cigarrette money from her. Sometimes she would buy lunch for both of them, and since she has been kicked out from her parent's place they have been staying in a hotel and she pays for the rent. One night they were arguing and the boyfriend kicked her out of the hotel room which she pays for, including her daughter and they slept in the car for the night. When one of my co-worker told me the story, I was really speechless. How could she let him do that to her and her kids? Everyone thinks she should just split up with the guy, but she doesn't want to hear about it. She's really gone so blind. I'm not sure what happened to her since then. But I hope she would realize that she deserves a better person to be with. I don't know if it's an effect of her divorce. You know how some women feel after a divorce, some may think, they might not meet any other guys, so they stick to whoever they have at the moment, even if they are being hurt. Whatever the motivation, I think, she was not choosing well.

We all go through life meeting different kinds of people, we sometimes get infatuated, we sometimes get hurt. We move on, but some people just stays right where it hurts, sometimes they feel numb that they keep going back for more. Almost as though they are enjoying being hurt. I guess it's sometimes human nature that we keep going back to the people we consider family, or in some sense a family. A longing to be loved and to love, sometimes a sense of loyalty to that person even if they hurt us physically or emotionally. I guess to some, they feel lost without the other person. Just like in some abduction crimes where the abducted person becomes intimately close to the abductor in some sick way, that even when they have the chance to run away, they just stay with the abductor. I guess sometimes it does apply with battered people. Somehow they just don't run away from them, instead they keep going back for more.

One kind of sick love that I know of, is a situation where the other person is married and then there's the mistress or what do you call if it's male? Mister#2. I don't know, anyway, what I'm saying is that whoever the other party involved with someone whom they know who is married and still keeps that affair or relationship is sick. You know how in the movies, where the man keeps promising the mistress that he will leave his wife and they (he and his mistress) will be together. We all know that most of it is just crap in real life. I mean, do the mistresses really believe that the man they think they love would really leave their wives? He might, he might not. Rarely happens, but even if he does, what does that tells you about this person?

Okey, married people do get attracted to other people too. It's a reality, it's when they act on it that makes it not right. Which leads me to the next question. At what point does infidelity really occur? Is it when a married person starts flirting with someone else other than the spouse? Or is it when his/or her heart starts focusing on another person other than his or her spouse? Or when sex actually happen? I guess when there's sex involved is a sure hit of infidelity. But how about when a married person's heart and mind is on somebody else other than the spouse? I guess it's a bit of a grey area, don't you think? It's probably depends on what that person is thinking and feeling and what is he or she going to do with it.


Note: (You might get grossed out with the discussion, you can either cover your nose, cover your mouth or just cover your eyes.)

Hubby and I were on our way to lunch one day and that was just after I talked to a friend of mine about foods. I mean not just food, you know, exotic foods. My friend said that L, one of our friends told her that she likes eating cow's brain. Well, both of my friends are pregnant. Where in the world would she get cow's brain over here? I guess back home she may avail of cow's brain. I know from experience that there are Filipino dishes that uses maybe pig's brain. As they say over there, they don't waste any part of meat. Like the chicken, they use up every single part from intestine, to head, even the blood. I know some of you who may not be used to this would find some of the things I am talking about gross or yukky! or disturbing.

Z said that eating an animal's brain is tantamount to being a cannibal. I don't really know where to draw the line. It could be, but we all eat meat, a dead animal. Geez! if we say it that way, it sounds gross. Poor animals that sacrifice their spirits for human consumption.

I guess people have different perceptions as to what is gross and what's not. Sometimes it's a matter of getting used to the gross odor and sight. Someone who has been exposed to let's say internal organs of animals may not necessarily gross out at the sight of butchering a pig or a chicken. Well, I am not gross out cleaning fish but other people may not be able to handle ripping off internal organs. I guess people can handle different degrees of grossiness.

If you have watched "Dirty Jobs" you would realize that there are jobs that really takes a lot of gut, to do that certain job. Few people can do it, but somebody's got to do it. Very few people can go wallow themselves in the sewer and take all that stink to keep things from spilling and save us all from doing all the work. I mean when your bathroom gets clogged up and spills all over, you got to fix it, call a plumber, so easy, we don't even want to deal with the stench and all. Well, very few people would try to do it themselves. People have different stench that they can handle, and do with different degrees of grossiness.

There was an episode on "Seinfeld" where Elaine was asking Jerry if someone could actually die of foul odor, like in a vomitorium. Yeah, ever heard of someone died of odor?

Have you noticed that one can actually get used to a certain odor that you might not even notice the stench after a while?


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