Natural Disasters

I know it's has been a while. It's been hectic for me for the past weeks and I am so glad to have a break. I barely noticed the effects of the hurricane since I had been too busy and too tired. But that night that it passed by our town I barely slept because of the constant falling of the pine cones that surrounded our place and the flapping and banging caused the the strong wind. I recall that the wind was too strong and it caused this whistling sound whenever it hits our window. I was up almost every half hour and I had to wake up at the break of dawn. I was really frustrated trying to get sleep. We tried moving my bed to the other room, but the constant thud sound was still audible on that part of the house. I guess out of exhaustion I finally fell asleep when it was about three in the morning and had to be up in two hours. I was miserable. I later learned some people lost power for a few days and we didn't, so we were still lucky. And yeah, a lot of people right now are really in trouble with hurricane Ivan. I mean, hurricane Francis already did a lot of damage down south Florida and as we checked on the weather channel, Pensacola and Alabama is experiencing strong winds right now. Two more storms are coming, but it seems that Hurricane Ivan seems to be the strongest of them all.

Storms like these reminds me of typhoons in the Philippines. It could get nasty and destructive. I mean people's house literally getting blown and all that. And since the Philippine Island is situated at the middle of the oceans, it gets a lot of typhoons every year. Imagine the damage it causes every year.People are always rebuilding. Lives and properties are lost. Floods, errossions and crops are destroyed. And the government keeps spending on rebuilding and starting over for victims. It would surely drains out that fund which could go to other projects.

I never liked rainy days. They seem so gloomy, and so I was home all day watching the dopller radar on the weather channel even if one of my friends called and wanted to go out. i just didn't feel like going out. I guess I just wanted to stay home and rest. I mean, really rest from those long days and hours at work.

Weather updates: Ivan & T.S. Jeane


Last night: A friend of mine called to tell me to watch the show Amazing Race. I was only able to catch the portion when the Contestants got of the buses in Cubao and were competing on getting on a taxi cab to "Coconut Palace." I have never heard of the place, but I'm sure it's in Manila. I hope to be able to watch the next episode.


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