The Things we do

"If adults don’t like their jobs, they don’t go on strike. They just go in every day and do it really half-assed." “The Simpsons”1989-

Work, job, career- they are all slave labor. I bet there are more people in this world that thinks half time of their working hours "If only I win the lottery, I can quit this job." I wonder how many people really find a job they really enjoy doing and has the authentic enthusiasm doing it. I bet very few people do. A lot of us are stuck in a mud hole of our jobs, carreers we never even wanted, or even never dream of doing. But everyday we drag ourselves and go in just to see that supervisor's or boss' unpleasant face who might not even be glad to be there either. Then there's the fellow employee who thinks they deserve better than you, so they either don't show up or wouldn't even do their job even if they show up. Still I wonder how many people get to do what they want to do in life. Work is always not everybody's favorite, but we are compelled to do it because of the need of mulah....cha ching. We unwillingly subject ourselves to harsh conditions, unholy hours, verbal abuse from co-workers or from the boss who thinks he /she knows it all. The natural reaction would be to get out, right? But we are caged by our need of finances to supports our needs, our wants, our vanities. Sometimes it is hope that keeps us there, waiting for the right time that seems never to come. How many of us have ever thought of walking out from that hellhole, but we can't just drag our feet out of there? Ambitions sometimes drive us nuts but often but there's not much to do, so we depend on hope believeing that there's hope to those who wait. Of course some people reach the end of the rope, there are those who are braver and walk out and search their fortunes in other trades. Sometimes ...hope is just what all there is left. Maybe it helps if we just work like we don't need the money. Or just show up everyday and do your work half-A**.

Let's not wear out our brains by thinking of work, how about if we think about this.


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