Women Rule!

"I am glad I am a man" my hubby exclaimed after I complained about swelling joints. Until now, I don't really know exactly what it is but I have an idea. I think it's water retention. I sometimes use a lot of salt. Yes, I am a salt person, I almost put salt on anything. I don't have a sweet tooth, which could be a good thing. But as they always say "too much of anything is not good." I always want my food flavorful, and sometimes adding salt can just do the trick. But it could also be bad, too much sodium have been linked to hypertension, high blood pressure. Even so that my family has a history fo high blood pressure.

So the conversation between hubby and I went on. He said that it must be hard to be a woman with all the hormonal imbalance, mood swings, and all that women has to endure. I guess that's part of being a woman. Now, do I want to be a man if given the chance to choose? I think I might want to experience being a man, even for just once. I guess, it's because I am a woman already and it's out of curiousity. But I don't regret being a woman. There are advantages and disadvantages. Being a woman can ba a great thing, that men can never be. There's the ability to give life to another being, becoming pregnant, becoming a mother. I think that's the greatest part of being a woman. Of course both men and women has to co-exist, each needed each other, well somehow, not in all circumstances. But they do complement each other. Women don't get pregnant without the sperm cell from a male donor.

Some of the funny answers to what are the advantages of women that I have come across:

1.Women are prettier than men. Women mature faster, on the average. Women are more protected by society than men. Women can still have it both ways, if you know what I mean. Women are believed more often than men. Men tend to chase women, rather than the other way around. open the doors for women
women sometimes are served first in public offices
women are usually the last to be blamed for any kind of a disaster
women can lie and never be discovered
women have less responsibilities than men
women can wear make up and totally change their features
women can say something and do the opposite with no questions asked ( women ! who understand them !!)
women can wear high heels
In most of the countries , women are protected ( have rights)
women in most countries don't participate in wars.
women can get into fights ( verbal or physical) and always win.
You see a woman can hit a man but it is a shame ( a very very big shame) on him to hit her. He would be considered manless - even if she started the fight.
women can gossip and never to be blamed for such an urge - their nature !
women can act really stupid but still look cute

3.As a woman you partake in Gods wonderful plan of creation, when you hold and nourish a new life in your womb. What could be more sacred and advantageous than that.

Man only plants the seed, but it is the woman who nourishes, waters and makes it grow.

4. Women always win the arguement.......... advantage i would say is when we have a flat tire, usually about the time i'm almost done- some macho guy stops to offer his assistance. the last time i had a flat, the guy actually stopped while i was trying to position the jack. most guys think a woman can't change a flat tire. i guess i'm an exception to that rule- my dad wouldn't let me drive until i learned how to change a flat

As a woman, I would say women rule and men drool! Hehehe.... (Seriously, we love the guys! I'm married to one.)


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