Is that all

my life about? WORKING. Productive or just burned out. More like burned out and worn out. If you look at the wear and tear it's pretty much torn, nearly torn apart. It's just me of course. What do you expect from somebody who just came from work all worn out, and dog tired. Maybe today was more stressful than yesterday. So it's understandable. The weather didn't help at all.In fact it made it worst. Anyow let's not dwell on it. I'm surprised I had the patience to saty cool and maintained my composure.

Now, tell me about you. What are your thoughts about work. Of course this is a very subjective issue. Depends on on a lot of factors. I still believe a lot of people dread to get up every single morning and drag themselves to work. Very few people love what they do. I don't necessarily hate what I do but I hate the stress involved. Plus it has become a routine thing to me, it's getting so boring. I need to get away for a while and I look forward to the holiday weekend.

What about fun? I am sure we all have our own ideas for what is fun. I am not so much of a party animal. But a little party here and there is helpful. I enjoy trying diffrent stuff for once. I would go back for seconds if I really enjoy it.

I'm gonna have fun fun fun this weekend. Do all the fun stuff or just simply lounge at home. What about you?



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