Too fast too furious

in the ire of critics. How do movies influence people? It could be a powerful tool in influencing people. A man in jail for vehicular manslaughter trying to put a stunt in real life. Movies of course are just mere fantasy, but other people choose to do it for real.

Blond Inspirations:
the movie " Legally Blond" starred by Reese Witherspoon has inspired young people into doing better in thier live even going to law schools. According to Reese, the movie create in the mind the idea of opportunities out there.

Words for the day:
Art can immitate life.

At MSNBC's Countdown:
Flashback: they showed the day Imelda Marcos during her acquitall in US courts for Philippine philandering on her 61st birthday.

On being furious:
Mark Plaisted, a telavenger made his avenge on telemarketers. He spent two days calling these telemarketers placing about a hundred phone calls every five minutes to the telemarketers.

These telemarketers surely will make one furious fast enough. They are annoying.

Duane "Dog" Chapman, a hero? Most critics say "yes", . I guess he gets credit for capturing the elluding rapist. Mexico and the US came together to complement the "dog", you got to love this guy.


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