Granduer of the City

We drove around the city of Atlanta.It was a magnificent view. I was in awe to see how spectacle of lights from the skyscrapers glowing with lights like castles in the casts of the sky. What was so exciting was the loft party. It was a wonderful view I can see the open sky, the clouds passing. I was transfixed with awe as I stood there looking up to the heavens. Gosh! I miss to be able to see the world like this.The view could almost take away the madness within me.Oh! yes, just take away all my cares and cradle me back to peace. I was like looking to an enchanted kingdom.Beautiful...beautiful at the stillness of the night.

As I look up to the skys, stillness starts to creep within me. Cradling me, swaying me, humming at me. I was at peace despite all the partying crowd around me. I could see the clouds moving lazily, putting me in a dreamy state. I could feel the fibers and muscles of my soul relaxing, breathing slowly. Blowing out the garbages of daily life. Let the wind carry them and wash them away from sight. Then I was a new person again, I hope for a longer time till I wear out again. The tired and weary soul has to rest sometimes.

The party was great, although I don't know anybody there, they were all friendly, I mean seems friendly. Mostly young people and a few old folks. The host was an Irish guy my brother-in-law met in a previous party. The place is cool. And I was amazed with his deck after deck of CDs, from the floor to the Ceiling. Great living room, with his lofty bed and his dog. Very cool bathrooms and ornaments. I like his taste of art. What I love most is the roof top patio or courtyard. I would love to live in place with a roof top courtyard.

I would say, it was a lovely evening.


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