Lost in thought

We passed by clouds after clouds. I am not sure, could be the clouds passing us by. I was flooded with thoughts, emotions. Almost drowning me down to the bottom. Maybe I was even whispering to myself. Back to reality, I wonder about my sanity. But where do we draw the line between sanity and that on the other side of the line? Do you think we all have some form of psychosis. Anyway, I"m convinced i am still sane.
Just lost in the moment, lost in thought.

We are of course going more than a mile. I didn't really know if we were in the fast lane. The holiday is just a bump...that slowed a lot of people. I thought that it would be fun to be in the fast pace of life. Now, I got burned so quikly. Now, I hate it. I got to slow down.Slow down and feel the others whizzing past you. They also get killed easily. Slow down....slown down.


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