Ah! Life That is.

I looked outside the window and I feel stillness rushing through me,
except for the chirping birds and the humming of the kitchen fan.

The caladiums are still thriving, the basil plants are getting old,
the okra plants have gotten taller than me and have yielded a few fruits.

How time have passed by so quickly. It's fall again and I should rejoice
but why am I so blue?

I feel stillness outside,silence and I see beauty but within is such an unexplainable chaos. A tug-of-war between two equal forces. And it sickens me. It's tying my guts into pretzels.

Now, I need to gather up my strength and refocus my energy to something else,
to the future.

All of a sudden a cardinal hopped infront a few inches within my sight. Such a beauty and it's saying life is still beautiful!


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